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About Ogham

OGHAM ALPHABET (or Celtic tree alphabet) is an old writing system (Old Irish spelling, pronounced [ˈoɣəm] or Modern Irish spelling, pronounced [ˈoːm]). It was used mainly to write Primitive and Old Irish. It was inscribed on stone monuments throughout Ireland, particularly Kerry, Cork and Waterford, and in England, Scotland, the Isle of Man and Wales, particularly in Pembrokeshire in south Wales, where you can still find many of them. Over 400 known examples of ogham stones and fragments of various shapes and sizes have survived, each with its own unique biography or story.
This writing system or script was created for an early form of the Irish language and our earliest ogham inscriptions on stone are approximately dated on linguistic grounds to between the 4th and the 7th century AD.

Ogham generally reads upwards, from bottom up.  The original Ogham alphabet contains 20 letter. Each Ogham symbol is assigned to a tree or plant name and each one has its own symbolism.

Ogham stone is unique gift from Ireland wit a story

Our Ogham stones are small replicas of real ones, with symbolic meaning and personalised inscriptions – to bring a peace of Irish history and good luck to your home. Every single Ogham stone is unique, hand cfarted with love and attention.  All stones are engraved with Ogham writing to cherish the connection with ancestors and Irish roots.