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I’m Sanja Trbic, an artist based in Wexford, Ireland. My art education started at art school in Serbia, and those 4 amazing years of learning and creating art have brought so much joy and knowledge to my life. Even though I have specialised in Fashion design, as someone who’s always looking for different ways to express my creativity, I went into a little bit different direction of art.

I’m really passionate about painting. My artwork is expressive and colorful. I’m definitely a portrait lover and that’s what represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me.

In 2022 while exploring Ireland, I discovered the Ogham stones and completely fell in love with Ogham, history and symbolism behind it. More I researched about Ogham, the more amazed I became by the rich Irish heritage and mythology.  Ogham became one more way to express not just my creativity, but also the passion about Irish history and culture. I created a small workshop where I was trying to connect that passion with art, and that’s how our Ogham hand crafts were created.

Today, I run the OGHAM GIFT SHOP with unique hand crafted Irish gifts based on Ogham script. It is my full time job, my passion and everyday joy.

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